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Luxury Adult Massage

Luxury Adult MassageLuxury Adult MassageLuxury Adult Massage

As of tuesday Mar 17 we are closed indefinitely

Our team has decided that we will close the studio down for the time being in order to protect ourselves and others from spreading Covid-19. Please be assured that we have not had any cases in our studio, this is purely an ethical decision. We want to do our part to slow down the rate of transmission and help protect those who are most at risk.

Some of our team members have escort licenses and may choose to see clients independently during this time. Please visit their individual pages and contact them directly to see if they may be available outside of the studio.

We will post here when we are ready to re-open so please keep an eye on our website.

Lots of love from all of us during this tough time!

Our Health Procedures

Visitors regularly comment that our studio is the cleanest in town. While we have always maintained high standards for cleanliness, we want to assure our patrons that their health is our priority by outlining what we do on a daily basis to safeguard the health of our team and those who visit us. 

Beds & Showers

We use beds covered with vinyl that can be thoroughly sanitized. Our beds & showers are sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down after every session.

Small Details

All surfaces including light switches, shower handles/fixtures, chairs, taps, doorknobs etc. in both the treatment rooms and common areas are disinfected after every visitor.


Bed linens, pillow cases, towels, and hand towels are changed and washed after every session.

Grooming amenities

We provide the following single use items for each session: factory sealed single serve mouthwash, individually wrapped cotton swabs, individually wrapped razor with single use shaving cream, individually wrapped pre-pasted toothbrushes.


Team members are allowed to stay home if they feel the slightest bit under the weather. We are all conscious of not spreading viral infections to others.

Health care

We voluntarily have community health nurses come to the studio on a regular basis to do checkups & STI testing to help us and our clients stay as healthy as possible.

For your comfort

Our body wash, lotion, and oil are all high quality, allergy/sensitive skin- friendly, and scent-free.  Our oils & lotions are heated for your comfort and the bottles are emptied and cleaned regularly.

We always have hot cloths ready in our UV sterilizers, and a warm towel on a heated towel rack just waiting for you to step out of the shower.

All clients are asked to have a shower prior to starting their session, and all team members shower before & after each session.